#Hangout offers support, guidance, mentoring, group discussions, referrals for counselling and physical activities to youth aged 11-18yrs. Health and wellbeing is our number 1 priority.

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About Hangout

#Hangout – Youth Health and Wellbeing is a youth group for rangatahi aged 11-18years.

Our purpose is to provide a safe space for youth to relax, play sports, meet new people and receive support and guidance through the teenage years of their lives.

Meet the team

The team of volunteers all bring a range of experience and knowledge. Each of them share and understand the importance of being present in the lives of youth and being available to support them through these challenging years.

What our Youth say abut Hangout


“It’s a place where you feel comfortable.”


“I love to play sports and meet new people.”


“Hangout is a place where people are open to listening and talking. It is a space where you always feel safe and protected. Hangout always has something for everyone.”


“It is a good place to hangout with your friends and have a good time.”


“It’s cool to connect with kids of different age groups.”


“It is somewhere to go and chill out and to talk to new people.”

How to support us

Hangout is supported by a number of local businesses. Without the continued support from these businesses Hangout wouldn’t be as successful as it is. Every donation whether it be small or large contributes to supporting the youth of Upper Hutt.