For Volunteers

#Hangout offers support, guidance, mentoring, group discussions, referrals for counselling and physical activities.

Do you have an interest in working with youth? Have you considered volunteering? Would you like to make a difference in the lives of tamariki? Maybe you have something that you can contribute to the team in order to support our youth.

As a volunteer at Hangout your purpose is to connect with tamariki, and support them through the challenges of their teenage years. Some tamariki don’t have a mum or a dad. Some live with an Aunty and Uncle, or nana.

Our volunteers have varied backgrounds and have a lot to offer in the way of guidance and support. They spend their Thursday evenings making toasted sandwiches, shooting hoops, playing pool and have open discussions within a group and individually, which encourages and supports communication. They connect with our tamariki to become a consistent and weekly part of their lives.

As a volunteer you’re required to assist in the supervision of the group on Thursday nights. Just turn up 6:30pm and your done by 8:45pm. Just 2 hours a week can make a difference in a young persons life!

If this sounds like something that you want to do then get in touch. New volunteers must complete a police vetting process and are always welcomed.