For Youth

#Hangout offers support, guidance, mentoring, group discussions, referrals for counseling and physical activities.

Hangout is a safe space for you to hang with your friends. A place that you can chill, shoot hoops, play pool and other games, make new friends, attend fun nights and other events.

Hangout has a team of volunteers that are available to support you through these teenage years of your life.

If you’re looking for something to fill your time on a Thursday night then get your friends together and come “Hangout”.

There’s always toasted sandwiches on offer, with biscuits and hot drinks.

Some of our Events / Fun nights

Trampoline park

Daytona - Brewtown

Camp Hangout

The Amazing Race


Halloween Fright Night

want to be part of the fun?

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“It’s a place where you feel comfortable.”


“I love to play sports and meet new people.”


“Hangout is a place where people are open to listening and talking. It is a space where you always feel safe and protected. Hangout always has something for everyone.”


“It is a good place to hangout with your friends and have a good time.”


“It’s cool to connect with kids of different age groups.”


“It is somewhere to go and chill out and to talk to new people.”